Thursday, March 18, 2010

Weight Loss Buddies ... 3/18

Hey. I started a new post since our other one is getting really long...

Has anyone else noticed it's REALLY expensive to eat healthy? Yikes! I went to the grocery store yesterday & came home with 3 bags (they're the big re-useable ones, but still!!!) and spent $130! And that will probably feed us for 5 days. Ugh! It's so much cheaper to eat like crap!

AFM - I was so proud of myself 2 days ago. I weighed in & was down 7 lbs from starting weight! Yay! So, yesterday I was still at that -7 & felt so excited about that & a little extra motivated. So, I did my 30 mins of workout in the am & then in the afternoon, took my dog for a walk that lasted 1 hour & 15 minutes. I was so proud of myself. Then I weigh in this morning & I'm up a pound! Argh! I KNOW that I shouldn't worry about it. Your body can fluctuate 2 lbs in a day. BUT you know how us IVF gals are. We obsess over every little thing. So, today I'm trying to stay positive. Sticking to the diet & did my exercises this morning. May do another walk today, but not as long since I have somewhere to be this evening. I'm not obsessing... I'm not obsessing... I'm not obsessing. LOL! I just really want the date with Dave! LOL!

So... check in... how are my buddies doing?


  1. Momsie- Great job! Proud of you! Keep it up!

  2. I hear ya about healthy stuff being more expensive, but if you remember that you are no longer buying all of the processed, packaged foods and snacks, you'll see you are actually breaking even.

    As for me, I am just proud that I didn't gain anything last week during my IVF, even though I ate soooo much and didn't exercise.

  3. Great job Momsie, your certainly in thr run for that date lol

    AFM- I haven't weighed myself yet, waiting for Sunday to get the full week evaluation. I have been doing pretty good, however I have cheated a few times :( My friend took me out last night to Second cup and I had a Caramel corretto (regreated it after) and a cookie to go with it (I know, shame on me.....But I did have a great workout after with Turbo Jams, I lasted a whole hour ;)....Next week NO CHEATS AT ALL, that is unless someones shows up at more door with those "special" brownies ;)

  4. Momsie - great job! You sound like you are kickin butt!

    I seem to fluctuate up and down 3 pounds and it's driving me crazy. Just before AF I am up 3 pounds, then I drop em as soon as I start. Then today, 3 days later, I am back up 2!! WTF?

    I have to admit, I have been indulging in a few too many baked goods this week.

  5. I'm having a really hard time staying away from the "comfort" nummy junk food these past couple of days. It's 7 weeks post D&C and I'm just feeling a little bummed about it. So, I never really thought I was, but I guess I'm an emotional eater because every commercial I see on TV for junk food just looks SO good. The cabinet that has the junk food is calling... I couldn't purge it 'cause the DH likes to eat it. I'm just not buying anymore so it's slowly dwindling. Argh. I just really want a big fat ice cream with some cookies and a nasty cheeseburger with homemaid french fries and lots of ketchup. OOOOH! And some cheesecake too. Argh. I haven't caved yet, but man it's really hard!

  6. Well, I went to the gym three days this week - first time in MONTHS! But my eating hasn't been great. Went out to eat at lunch a lot this week and to Krispy Kreme today after lunch - oops! So I'm working on it. Plan to get outside to pull weeds tomorrow for exercise. I'm not weighing yet, either, too soon and my eating needs to be under control first!

  7. momsie-good job...when I would gain a pound after working hard to lose, i would tell myself that maybe I had lost fat and gained muscle...turning lemons into lemonade : )
    and good job everyone and good luck!!