Monday, March 15, 2010

Can you "bounce" your embryos to death?

Okay, so I had a transfer on Friday. Two beautiful 8-celled, A-grade embryos. (Though that doesn't mean much, b/c they were all perfect the first three times, too.)
I decided I would try not to obsess during this 2ww, and that I would just live life. In the past, even though my RE said it was okay, I avoided sex.
Well, yesterday, 2 days after my transfer, we had sex (with an awesome orgasm.) After Googling the subject (I shouldn't have Googled), I am freaking out.
Is it possible to hurt the embryos with the shock waves from and orgasm? I keep picturing my embryos bouncing on my uterine lining like the balls on the parachute in 3rd grade gym class. Help!


  1. Sorry you're worrying! I would like to say I wouldn't, but that's just blowing smoke. I know we worry about absolutely everything whether we should or not. I'm sure if your RE thought it would make the slightest bit of difference, he/she would tell you to avoid sex.

  2. My doctor said: "We tell people not to have sex because if something goes wrong, we don't want them blaming themselves. There's no research/study/reason not to."

  3. I agree with KB. Don't regret a great orgasm!!!!!!!!!!