Sunday, March 14, 2010

Slap in the face

Ok, so i tried to post this in the google group, but after 3 unsuccessful attempts I am moving over here.
I need to know if im being overly sensitive, or if this is blatantly rude?
Yesterday, my friend and i were hanging out and she begins to tell me a story about her friend from high school that was extremely overweight, and that she posted a bunch of new pics on facebook and had lost a lot of weight. Friend says she was jealous of the girl and trashed her for bragging about losing the weight with lots of hard work and low fat/cal diets.
Little background on friend: she weighs 250+ lbs. A few years back she lost 60ish lbs and has gained alot of it back. So even with me being pregnant, she has 60+ lbs on me.
So from there, the conversation goes like this:
her: So, can you tell your pants are tighter yet?
me: No, but i cant suck in AT ALL
her: yeah, i totally noticed today that you cant suck your stomach in-----dramatic pause------BUT, its awesome because youre pregnant and it doesnt matter if youre stomach sticks out.

I wanted to tell her that now I just knew what she must feel like. But I didnt. I laughed and blew it off. But REALLY? how rude! She knows I am not even 3 months along and any pooches are not from a baby, but from food! Am i crazy?


  1. Golde---I get it and I would be pissed too. After all the IF bullshit, I feel so thankful to finally be pregnant that I don't want to complain about anything.....BUT, I'm finding it impossible to turn the switch in my brain that will accept the weight gain. It's hard to let go of "the struggle", espeacially if it's always been there.

    If IF has taught me anything it's that some people just don't think before they speak.

  2. What? I mean what I really want to say is, WHAT? She clearly has issues and is jealous of her friends. At least your weight will be there for a very good reason and will be gone before you know it. She on the other hand will be just where she is until she figures out which end is up!!
    You hang in there and enjoy alllll of your weight and show it off with pride!!! You've earned your baby bump!

  3. It's amazing how jealous and rude our so-called 'friends' can be. I agree with Baby bump, enjoy your weight. Enjoy eating for two! Soon, it will be obvious you're pregnant and your friend will still just be fat.

  4. She is jealous and insecure. She's trying to make herself feel better by tearing you down. Do you really want a friend like that?

  5. Thanks guys! I am really ok with the weight gain. I mean it sucks, but its sooo worth it. What im not ok with is friends that are catty bitches (word up, raven). She is a total frenemy and if it wasnt for the VERY close relationship i have with her child, I would probably cut all ties with her!

  6. I would smile from ear-to-ear if someone was making fun of my baby bump!

  7. What a total bitch she is. Ok, I'm a bit jealous at times (ok a lot jealous) but I could never imagine putting someone else down just to make myself feel better. She's is obviously a rude and ignorant person and doesn't deserve to have you in her life. I'm with everyone else, enjoy the weight and everything else that come along. You deserve to be happy esp. after everything you have been through so tell that frenemy to back the fuck off!!